White Willow Bark Extract

What is White willow bark?

  • – White willow bark, also known as Salix alba, has a long history usage of herbal remedies for pain and inflammation. It was commonly used as an analgesic and antipyretic agent in ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Indian civilizations. It was commonly used for the treatment of inflammatory syndromes when aspirin was found to have gastric side effects. The mechanism of white willow bark’s action is similar to aspirin which is a nonselective inhibitor of COX1 and COX2, which can block inflammatory prostaglandins. The main active ingredient is salicin, which can be converted to salicylic acid by liver and is believed to have less side effects than aspirin. Different randomized, placebo controlled studies have shown that white willow bark have similar efficacy compared to nonsteroidal agents includes aspirin. [1]

Function? – Healthy Life style

  • Alleviate pain: There are two studies complaint with good clinical practice has indicated that Assalix has more effective effect than placebo in alleviating osteoarthritic pain. [2] Different randomized, placebo controlled studies have shown that white willow bark have similar efficacy compared to nonsteroidal agents includes aspirin.[1]


  • – [1] Maroon, Joseph C., et al. “Natural Antiinflammatory Agents for Pain Relief in Athletes.” Neurosurgical Focus, 2006, pp. 1–13., doi:10.3171/foc.2006.21.4.12.
  • – [2] Chrubasik, S. “Treatment of Low Back Pain with a Herbal or Synthetic Anti-Rheumatic: a Randomized Controlled Study. Willow Bark Extract for Low Back Pain.” Rheumatology, vol. 40, no. 12, Jan. 2001, pp. 1388–1393., doi:10.1093/rheumatology/40.12.1388.


Additional information


– Assay(Salicin)(HPLC):15%-98%
– Bulk Density: ≥0.60g/ml
– Extract Solvent: Water& Alcohol
– Residual Solvent: <0.5%
– Pesticides: Negative
– Heavy metal: <10ppm
– Appearance: Light brown powder
– Odor: Characteristic
– Particle size: 100% pass 80 mesh
– Loss on Drying: < 5%
– Ash: < 5%
– Solvent extraction: Ethanol
– Total Plate Count: <1000/g
– Yeast&Mold : <100/g
– Salmonella: Negative
– Coli: Negative

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