SeNatural™ Natural Organic Selenium Enriched product

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that is a part of more than two dozen important proteins. Selenium plays an important role in reproduction, supports thyroid health, and offers protection from oxidative damage. Selenium is naturally present in many foods and exists in two forms: inorganic form and organic form.

The highlights about our TrueTCMTM Natural Herbal Products:

Plants absorb inorganic selenites and selenates from the soil and convert them to the organic forms, mostly selenocysteine and selenomethionine and their methylated derivatives. However, the amount of selenium in plant sources depends on the amount of the mineral in the soil where they are grown and can vary from region to region.  Because the body does not make selenium, it is important to get selenium from the diet or through supplementation. Inorganic selenium have been shown to be less bioavailable than organically bound forms of selenium (Am J Clin Nut,1982)

Our 100% all natural selenium plant extract (Natural Selenium protein; Natural Selenium flavonoids) standardized for organic selenium content, along with the con-factors and co-nutrient from the plant like protein and flavonoids. Our natural selenium plant is grown in most selenium abundant area of China with high soil amount of selenium and innovative technology used to enhance the concentration of selenium during the manufacturing process.

SeNatural™ Natural organic Selenium enriched product

  • Natural Selenium Flavonoids
    Natural Selenium Flavonoids
  • Natural Selenium Protein
    Natural Selenium Protein

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Since 2013, Davidia provided specialized ingredient to enhance product bioavailability, increase the function of the ingredients and help nutrition absorption for the body. We provide high quality product developed under highly quality control process from research lab to commercial products. We are also able to offer a full package of bioavailability tests (In vitro, ex vivo and in vivo test), technical data (specification, test method, QA/QC data, toxicity evaluation, and science literature), regulatory support (NDI, GRAS, label claim), and custom formulation support.

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