TrueTCM™ Natural Herbal Product

Traditional Chinese Medicine has more than thousands years of history. The biggest difference from herb used for TCM and regular herb used for extraction is the special process for each herb to increase the bioavailability and lower the toxicity. Only the processed herb follow the traditional process methods are the true TCM natural herb and which have the function proved by thousands years of practice on the people. The TrueTCMTM Natural Herbal Products strictly followed the TCM traditional process which make the process much complex than regular extraction by water or alcohol. For example, TCM herb “Huangjing (Polygonatum sibiricum)” root needs to process by 9 times boil and steam cycles in order to meet the traditional TCM requirement because it will have toxic effect if not following the traditional process. The process is long and time consuming however, that is the way people used for thousands years and that is the way to get the best benefit from the herb.

The highlights about our TrueTCMTM Natural Herbal Products:

  • Taste: Great taste
  • Safety: Long history of food consumption
  • Natural source: Natural organic plant cultivation base with GAP standard
  • Combination with traditional wisdom with modern technology: Following traditional TCM process for the herb and modern technology to ensure the real TCM function of the herb.
  • Quality control and quality assurance: High tech biotechnology test methods to ensure the quality and efficacy (bioavalibility) of the true TCM ingredients

TrueTCM™ Natural Herbal Product

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Since 2013, Davidia provided specialized ingredient to enhance product bioavailability, increase the function of the ingredients and help nutrition absorption for the body. We provide high quality product developed under highly quality control process from research lab to commercial products. We are also able to offer a full package of bioavailability tests (In vitro, ex vivo and in vivo test), technical data (specification, test method, QA/QC data, toxicity evaluation, and science literature), regulatory support (NDI, GRAS, label claim), and custom formulation support.

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